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Fireworks to only be used in Organised Events !

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I am wanting the law to change regarding the sale and distribution of fireworks. I firmly disagree with the sale of fireworks for domestic use bought by members of the public. I would like the Prime Minister and the Houses of Common to understand not only the physical damage to dwellings but also the mental damage that affects millions of people across the country. Millions of elderly people, animals and Adults and Children that suffer with PTSD, anxiety and other mental health issues. The sale and distribution of fireworks should ONLY be sold for commercial use including organised events authorised and agreed by the authorities. 

My 4 year old daughter suffers from PTSD and throughout the months of October leading to January her sleep and mental health really suffers due to many residents living nearby whom are setting fireworks off at all times of the night. Has anyone had their child hide under tables due to fear of loud and scary noises? Has anyone experienced sleepless nights with their 4 year old being woken screaming and crying because they are scared of loud scary noises? I have! I have for a few weeks now and it’ll continue until after new year. 

Think about those who have fought in worn torn countries that have severe PTSD. Or the elderly that live alone who have lived through the Blitz? Those who have pets? Imagine the fear it puts into those animals? 

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