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On the 21st June 2018, the YULIN DOG FESTIVAL will commence, for any dog or cat this 10 day festival is a living hell. I had heard about this place, however, after doing my own research, it soon became apparent that this barbaric inhumane festival has to be stopped. The first picture I saw a golden coloured dog her legs bound, I saw blood dripping from one of her legs that was already butchered off, she lay her head on the concreate in her own pool of bright red blood, this image will stay with me forever, glancing over to look at my own dog as she peacefully slept with not a  care in the world, I knew I had to do my part, I'm not rich or famous but I'm human this needs to STOP NOW. The more research I did the more disturbed and frankly disgusted I became, some of the images and clips are too disturbing for most to watch. The dogs are always tortured prior to death many have their mouths and limbs bound  to reduce their cries and movements, many are nail gunned to walls before having limbs hacked off, many are simply  boiled alive especially toy breeds, some are simply strung by their throats and blow torched  in the streets all  while still fully conscious, some are just simply skinned alive. All because the Chinese believe that if the animal suffers prior to death the adrenaline the animal produces makes the meat more tender, I myself am working closely with a foundation in the USA but we as the United Kingdom have to stand together and do all we can to assist and finally put at end to this barbaric practice..... I  looked at my dog and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH  we as a nation have to help..... Thank you ◦ 


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