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Don't let Asad Shah die in vain - investigate hate organisation Khatme Nabuwwat

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Following the recent horrific attack on Asad Shah for his membership of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community we would urge the government to investigate the organisation Khatme Nabuwwat, who, on hearing of the death of Asad Shah, sent out a tweet congratulating it's members here in the UK. 

Khatme Nabuwwat's sole purpose is the annihilation of the Ahmadiyya Community, who they refer to with derogatory language as 'Qadiyani cult'. Their website features fabrications about the community and their preachers say that Ahmadis are 'Wajib ul Qatl' - worthy of death. Hate leaflets by Khatme Nabuwwat urging other Muslims to "Kill Ahmadis" have been found time and again in the UK. And sermons by hate preachers have taken place against Ahmadis in the UK for many years now. 

Asad Shah was a member of this pacifist Muslim sect who have been long-term contributors to British society. In Pakistan, Khatme Nabuwat has been directly implicated in inciting violence that has led to the murder of Ahmadis. They have published pamphlets here inciting violence against Ahmadis, as well as calling for boycotts against Ahmadi businesses and social ostracisation of Ahmadis.  We believe there is no place for violent sectarianism in the UK and organisations that preach hatred against Ahmadis or others are not practicing free speech, they are indulging in hate speech. We urge that Khatme Nabuwwat and other hate preachers who target Ahmadis are investigated and shut down, so that Asad Shah's death is not in vain. 

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