Deselect Anna Soubry for creating divisions in the Brexit process

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Since the  outcome of the EU referendum, Anna Soubry MP has ignored her constituency who voted  to Leave the EU.  She has campaigned against Brexit, and now  acknowledging the result, she is actively trying to thwart the outcome of the Brexit negotiations.  Together with Dominic Grieve, Ken Clarke, Antoinette Sandbach, Nicky Morgan, Stephen Hammond, Heidi Allen, Sarah Wollaston, Bob Neil, Jonathan Djanogly and Sir Oliver Heald, she has voted  for a change  in the law which will give them a veto on the final deal negotiated by the Prime Minister.  This could destabilize the  government and put Jeremy Corbyn into No. 10.  Ms Soubry and these other rebels are betraying their leader, and the 17.4 Million people who have voted for Brexit. Ms. Soubry attacks the government at any opportunity she has, and continues to rally against what  the electorate  voted for.  If this is the game she wants to play, she should realise that there are many angry voters who  actually employ her as their representative in Parliament.  It is the people that are sovereign, and the voted MP's are actually sitting in Parliament. Ms Soubry and  the above are elected representatives, and  they are going against what was voted for. 

We feel  that Anna Soubry is abusing such a position,  and this is clear in her anger and resentment towards leaving the European Union. Her attempt, with her colleagues to keep us as close to EU laws is not what we have voted for. We have voted to take control of our own laws and borders, and to trade with the EU, not stay tied to them.  Anna Soubry has her own reasons, but that is what they are, not the views of the electorate who  in the largest  turnout in many years have voted to leave the EU, and for this reason we are calling for her deselection, along with those other mp's who are going against the government rather than working with them.  When the EU referendum was first announced by then Prime Minister, David Cameron, we were told that no one, no MP, or the government could change the result of the vote.  We object to Anna Soubry and her colleagues for trying to prevent or and keep us as close to the EU as they can.