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Cut University tuition fees to £3,000 p.a.

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Before starting university, I didn't truly see the importance in Labour's plans to abolish tuition fees, mostly because as young people we have come to accept that getting a degree and paying back our loans will forever be an inevitable part of our lives. However, after being at University for just over a month now, the fact that most of us are paying £9,250 a year for less than 10 contact hours a week frankly disgusts me. This is not to dismiss or discredit the hard working professors and lecturers that many of us are taught by, but it does make us wonder who is getting all of our money. Different courses cost different amounts of money to fund: for example a medicine degree uses much more equipment and has more contact time than say my degree in Politics, yet we are all forced to pay the same. 

If nobody starts to really question this then nothing will change and if we can't change this during our time at University then hopefully we can for students of the future! We live in a very prosperous country that aims to prioritise education above all, so the aim to try and make University and Higher Education an affordable option for everyone should also be a priority. I look to other countries who are fighting for the right to an education everyday and here our chance at educating ourselves further is becoming too hard for some! This year due to inflation, fees rose by £250 p.a. per student, which resulted in a 5% decrease in the number of applicants from the UK and a 7% decrease in the number of EU applicants. I hope that this petition is considered and if you're a student and you want to see a change: PLEASE SIGN!!!

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