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BLOCK Nick Clegg from receiving a knighthood

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Nick Clegg is set to receive a knighthood in recognition for his five years as David Cameron’s Deputy Prime Minister between 2010 and 2015.

This man is a failed politician. 

He broke major promises to students in 2010 over tuition fees just so he could get in bed with the Tories. 

He called for Britain to join the Euro. 

He voted to remain. 

He wants a second referendum. 

He labelled Nigel Farage's warnings of an EU army as a 'dangerous fantasy' only for an EU army to start to form. 

Giving a knighthood to this man is an insult to those who actually earned it. 

We call for this to be blocked and that Theresa May does everything in her power to make sure Nick Clegg does not become Sir Nick Clegg.


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