Ban the Sale of Fireworks to the Public

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In Britain, the public spends over £100m every year on fireworks. And every year, when we reach the weekend of the 5th of November, we hear the familiar sounds of shrieks and bangs echoing around the neighbourhood. I will be honest, my household used to be one of those that would gather the extended family round to let off fireworks our back garden and have a fun evening.

But then we became dog owners. Coming from the perspective of someone who owns an animal that is afraid of loud noises, I now understand what others have been trying to explain to the public for decades.

Every year now, we sit through the weekend trying to keep our dog calm. We've tried all the tricks; turning up the tv, putting on music, making a den, calming tablets, diffusers, the lot. And although some of these things calm him slightly, every time a firework goes off, his breathing picks up and the look of fear returns to his eyes. We struggle to get him to go outside and sometimes he won't even move from the couch. It get's so bad that he only calms down when someone is sat beside him cuddling him.

And our story is not unique. There are millions of pets across the country that suffer through the same experience as my Riley. We hear stories every year of poor animals that spend the whole night terrified because of fireworks going off. And that's not even the worst; there are countless stories out there of animals and children being hit by fireworks and are left with injuries so serious that they're left permanently scarred!

And when the night is over, it's only another 16 hours before the fireworks start up again. And when Bonfire Night is over, it starts up again at Christmas. And then it's New Year.

I'm not saying we shouldn't enjoy fireworks. I have no issue with organised displays. They're safer and it allows pet owners to prepare if they know a display is going to happen nearby. And if fireworks were limited to organised displays, there would be far fewer noises to disturb anxious pets.

So if you have pets yourself, or you know someone that does, I encourage you to sign this petition. For the Animals.


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