Ban the Burqa in Britain

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Boris Johnson has recently made comments about the wearing of the Burqa in our country. Johnson stopped short of calling for an outright ban. His own colleagues have criticised him for his remarks. However, his remarks go to the very heart of what is wrong in Britain today. 

Most people would agree with former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls that the Burqa and Burkini are based on "the enslavement of women" 

Two years ago, a YouGov survey found that 57% of the public supported a ban on wearing the burqa in public in the UK.

Women were more vehement in their support than men. 

We are a tolerant and welcoming society. But the burqa cuts off young girls and women from normal interaction, making integration impossible. It is a symbol of repression. 

A ban on the burqa has already been adopted by France, Belgium, Denmark, Austria and Switzerland.

It is time Britain followed suit and  banned the burqa.