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Automatic 50/50 joint custody of children on separation

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Dear anyone who has children.

The children of seperated relationships are suffering all over the UK, the reason? Out dated, unfair, biased and 60's stereotyped sexism inherent within policy and legislation of all matters relating to the financial and emotional care of our children.

We live in a society where there is a base assumption that all parents were not created equal and that a mothers love outweighs the significance of a father's. Assumptions that a mothers care should always be paramount when deciding how much time should be spent with fathers. A base assumption that is incorrect and needs to be changed. 

If you, like i, belive that fathers or "non resident parents" should be able to spend as much time with thier child as does thier mother then please sign this petition. We need an automatic assumption of joint custody of all children in seperated families (with exceptions in the case of proven abuse or neglect and the likes of). Thereby only allowing resident parents to use the child maintenance service and the family courts system when it is a proven fact that the "non resident parent" has not met their joint obligations in raising their child/children. Thus saving untold millions of pounds of tax payers money in funding the child maintainence service persuing unproven, unrealisitic, cruel and unhumanitarian policies to the detrement of "non resident parents" and their families of all over the UK.

Without coming together nothing can change.

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