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"NO" to No Pet Policies - Why is LOVE not enough?

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Hi, I’m Vinnie and I love my home. I am campaigning for tolerance, inclusion, and acceptance of responsibly owned pets in our society. WE need your support to have no pet clauses invalidated & to open a discussion surrounding animal welfare legislation.

Vinnie is an integral part of our family, he moved into his new home in November 2015 with permission from the owner of the building (freeholder). The lease was checked before purchasing and you can have a pet with permission. It became apparent after we moved that the leaseholder’s management company were going to refuse to let Vinnie stay and they commenced legal proceedings against us. Vinnies case has now been heard in court and the judge granted an injunction meaning Vinnie must leave his home within 28 days as we had not given any "special reasons" for keeping him and love is just not enough. He decided that if a group of likeminded people wish to live within a community with no dogs that this was not "unreasonable"! For us this means the whole family would need to move within 28 days as Vinnie is part of that unit. We hope to be given permission to appeal.

We would like to see the UK move towards the animal welfare legislation in other European countries based on the recognition that all animals, from pets to farm animals are sentient beings – i.e. they have powers of perception and feeling. A legally binding protocol attached to the 1997 Treaty of Amsterdam recognised animals as "sentient beings" and this recognition was strengthened in the Lisbon Treaty of 2009 which included animal sentience as an Article in the main body of the Treaty. We would also like to see no pet clauses nullified together with the acknowledgement of the health and wellbeing benefits of pet’s companions. France, Belgium, and Ontario have all judged no-pet clauses in residential leases to be unreasonable, abusive, and contrary to public order, and have consequently declared them invalid. In Belgium, this came about following a court’s finding that no-pet clauses infringe tenants’ fundamental rights to privacy and to inviolability of the home.

This petition was never about our court case, it’s about showing support for the acknowledgment of the importance of pets in the lives of those who choose to keep them. Vinnie is a good little dog who is well trained, well behaved and causes no nuisance or harm to anyone, he is not accepted based on a no pet policy which forms no part of our lease. Please sign our petition and help us get these kinds of narrow minded policies invalidated.

Gabby & Vinnie

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