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Allow little Charlie gard to die at home

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For the last year I have followed the journey of little Charlie gard and his parents. I have watched this couple although not known them personally I have still watched them with a lot of the world be denied over and over again to take their son Charlie gard to the U.S for potentially life prolonging treatment. They have explored and took action with every possible route. They have now been told their son has to die in GOSH the very place that has given their son no chance of living longer. In November last year they were told if they got the worse outcome and Charlie had to have his ventilation removed they had 3 choices, 1. They were told they could take Charlie to a hospice to die 2. They were told they could allow him to die in hospital and 3. They were told they could take Charlie home. Now that awful time has come, Connie and Chris have been told they are NOT allowed to take baby Charlie home to die, to give him his final bath and cuddle him or lay him in his cot that he never has had a chance to sleep in. GOSH argument was that Charlie gard should be allowed to die with dignity and by refusing his HUMAN RIGHT to die at home with his parents who love him and have fought so hard to save him they are taking his final bit of dignity. Please help me get this petition recognised. Charlie dosent have long at all, his ventilation is due to be stopped tomorrow. Please help guys. Please help these parents face the hardest thing they ever will by giving them just 1 thing they asked for to let Charlie die at home, they have been through so much and never asked to face any of this. Please show them the power of the world. 

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