Action against gun and knife crime

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Dear Theresa May,

I am writing to you regarding the traumatic events that are rising in London.
Many of us woke up today to hear of the horrific news of another young life lost and another critically injured due to shootings.

I write on behalf of the young people, their families, friends and teachers and those who care and want answers. Please inform us what actions are being taken to prevent more of these crimes?

I recently attended a youth event at Springfield Youth Club and there were some inspirational, powerful words of encouragement spoken by Jermaine Jenas and Amanda Holden to the youth. The youth leaders and parents were beaming with joy at how talented their youth are. The youth looked full of hope for their future. This led my friend and I to discuss why so many youth clubs have been closed. These young people need these types of facilities. They need the opportinities to build friendships, gain wisdom and guidance. They need a place where they can further develop their skills and talents in a positive environment. I urge you to look into rebuilding these facilities. Where can teenagers go except home or school to feel safe? What if their home and/or schools don't feel like a safe space?

In 2007 whilst working as a drama practitioner in an Islington youth club, one of the young men said something that has never left me. He told us how rough the street life was and said "If it wasn't for this youth club, I'd just be hanging around on the streets."  These streets are not safe for our youth! He fortunately made it and now acts in a TV Soap. Yet what about all those youths robbed of these opportunities? Where can they go for mentoring when they feel lost? There is so much anger and fear lurking around the young people and many innocent lives are being affected or taken due to it. When will it end?

There needs to be a change in the amount of police patrolling the streets.  In 2016, a family member of mine got shot right outside another family member's home.
Were there any arrests? No. This was a case of mistaken identity and no he is not in a gang. He has no known enemies and was working as well as studying at University! The people who committed this crime are out there free to commit it again. Thankfully he is still with us yet it was very traumatic for the family and those who love him. Many people are affected by this, as our Prime Minister what are you going to do about this?

I often think about the precious primary school children I teach and have taught who are now teenagers. Are they going to make it to university? Are they going to witness their older siblings live till they're old? They are our next generation. Their lives matter!

 Action needs to be taken to prevent another life being taken due to these devastating crimes.

We await to hear your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Bhambra
Primary School Teacher