Jacqueline Nantumbwe must stay

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Jacqueline Nantumbwe must stay

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Following a brief hiatus the petition is re-open and we need your support. A message from Andy below:






Dear Friends,




You may remember that you signed a petition to the Home Office to grant Jacqueline asylum in the United Kingdom.  Jacqueline is a midwife from Uganda who is a lesbian.  The public campaign we had back in February together with legal moves by her lawyers at the Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit, and sterling work by her MP, Sir Gerald Kaufman, worked wonders in getting her released whilst her fresh claim was considered.




On Tuesday, when Jacqueline went to the Reporting Centre, she was told that her claim had been refused and immediately detained.  She was bundled into a van and taken to a holding centre at Manchester Airport and was, yesterday,​ moved to the ghastly Yarl's Wood Immigration Detention Centre.




Just before her refusal was issued her lawyers received a medical report on Jacqueline from Freedom from Torture.  This report backs key elements of Jacqueline's claim - that she was raped and tortured.  Both I, and her lawyers, are furious that the Home Office are refusing to release Jacqueline even though they have now been served with this report.  The Home Office's own rules preclude them from detaining people who have proof they have been tortured.




I am writing to ask you, therefore, to email or write to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, to protest about this and to ask her to release Jacqueline forthwith, in accordance with the Home Office's own rules, and to reconsider her asylum claim as a matter of urgency based on this new report.  Details of how you can do this are below.




Email:  mayt@parliament.uk


put something like "release torture survivor Jacqueline Nantumbwe  from detention"


Politely highlight that since Jacqueline was detained on Tuesday her lawyers have submitted an independent report from the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture to the Home Office which holds that Jacqueline has been raped and tortured: scaring on her body and her post traumatic stress disorder back up her claim.  She is also assessed as being depressed and suicidal. 


Please highlight that Chapter 55 of the Enforcement Rules preclude (apart from exceptional circumstances) someone being detained who has independent evidence of torture.


Politely ask for Jacqueline to be released forthwith and urgent consideration given to this new evidence.


Remind Mrs May that we have a proud tradition of offering sanctuary to the persecuted.


please end with your full name.


Please bcc me in the email -pastor@metropolitanchurch.org.uk -

thanks again for your support










Andy Braunston


Pastor, Metropolitan Church






PS  Please remember to blind copy myself into the correspondence with the Home Secretary atpastor@metropolitanchurch.org.uk 







Jacqueline is a lesbian woman from Uganda, where homosexuality is a crime and politicians and religious leaders are campaigning for the death penalty. She was forced into an arranged marriage with a man. Jacqueline was discovered with her then girlfriend, Rose, and Jacqueline was imprisoned, tortured and "correctively" raped as punishment for being gay. Rose was not heard from again. Jacqueline fled Uganda and came to England in 2006, applying for asylum in 2012, but her initial application was turned down because she had been too scared to request asylum straight away. The Home Office re-assigned Jacqueline to the North West in 2013, away from her new partner of 5 years, who must stay in London. They have both been refused asylum thus far on the grounds that they have not sufficiently proven their lesbianism, despite Jacqueline being an active member of various local LGBT groups. It has been suggested that gay couples seeking asylum submit sexually explicit home videos as evidence. Jacqueline needs your signatures. Please stand up for LGBT rights and save Jacqueline from deportation and possible execution. 

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This petition had 4,314 supporters