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Six years of disabled child deaths including THREE deaths in the final four months. Raise First Proper Inquiry and Article 2 Inquest into Unknown Number of Child Deaths in London Boroughs social services residential care 1966 to 1972 Beeches Ixworth

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(1) Home Secretary power to order inquests on unidentified bodies 

(2) This history of deaths of disabled children in social services care from ISLINGTON and HACKNEY over six years has not been properly investigated

(3) It will be necessary that Jack Straw gives evidence. From his time as a Councillor at ISLINGTON through the first refusal of care inquiry Sir Keith Joseph 1972.  Through his time at both ISLINGTON council and as barrister Special Advisor to DHSS minister Barbara Castle MP 1975/76 when again no inquiry re Beeches was raised. 

(4) It will be necessary that Jack Straw be questioned concerning a Benefits Fraud system uncovered in 1976 which was being used to the benefit of the IRA.  Multiple address fraud with some of the addresses being used as active terrorist bases. Was this fraud MO made properly known to the Security Forces ?  To the Security Service ?  To the Police ?

(5) It will be necessary that Jack Straw be questioned why as Home Secretary he suppressed inquiry called for by Kent Police Authority in 1997.  AS PART OF STEPHEN LAWRENCE INQUIRY WHICH ON THE FACE OF IT STRAW CORRUPTED. Which included a call for retrospective inquiry into handling of the 1976 IRA frauds on benefits.  (And we not talking pocket money here).  On the face of it Jack Straw was as Home Secretary acting UNLAWFULLY as Judge in his own cause by suppressing inquiry into himself and his previous duties.  And by unlawfully suppressing the calls for inquiry made my Kent Police Authority he suppressed inquiry into Det sgt John DAVIDSON and his 1995 disciplinary for moonlight bodyguarding and falsifying police timesheets. And that could even be held to be conspiracy to pervert justice to secure later conviction of Gary DOBSON for the Lawrence murder. 

(6) And this questioning of Jack Straw needs to extend to questioning why the charity MIND made so little fuss about a Panorama programme of 1975. Essentially based on exposing Labour for discharging mental patients homeless to seaside resorts.   And it must be fully explored whether there was a quid pro quo given the role at the time of Peter RIGHTON, notorious paedophile of Islington based PIE, in MIND

(7) And at all times bearing in mind that Ixworth is next to the HENNIKER estate where child abuser RIGHTON lived the final years of his sorry life. The home of the abusive ISLINGTON SUFFOLK PROJECT which targetted hundreds of children in care.  

(8) I pray for Justice and Truth.  Article 2 Inquest please Theresa May.  

(9) And MINNESOTA PROTOCOL.  Because there is an aspect of Sue RYDER and Leonard CHESHIRE Homes. And for the cause of justice to be served the Coronership must be free by International Treaty to determine if the charities are state assets. (MI6) 

(10) And the implication of this to be weighed in due course against the question of Jimmy SAVILE getting away with abuse at Sue Ryder Child Hospice Leeds in 1970s in what was an organisation already subject of state security service protection from lawful police inquiry.  This is within the terms of reference of Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry Duties of Care.  Real reasons why STRAW and Barbara CASTLE  lost papers and did nothing and real reasons police humbly and cowardly breached their Crown Office, backed off from inquiries and allowed unlawful police no go areas.  Such as Sue Ryder charity where we now know SAVILE was abusing in a child hospice at Leeds 1970s. 





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