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Allow Jacob Barrow access to Sativex to aide in the management of chronic pain.

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I have set this e-petition up to gather support to push the UK Government & The NHS (National Health Service) to allow me to exercise my right to health by prescribing me Sativex which will aide me in the management of my chronic pain.

I was born with a diaphragmatic hernia, with a hole in my diaphragm which meant that my internal organs developed inside my chest cavity. Born through caesarean section I was given an emergency operation and six months on I had to have additional corrective surgery as my scarring, which stretched around my torso, spine to spine had ruptured.

In 2007 I was rushed to hospital again with internal bleeding and severe pain which was assumed to be from Adhesion’s. The surgeons operated unsuccessfully with invasive experimental surgery to fully diagnose my condition.

Flash forward to 2014 and I’ve been struggling with severe pain and muscle spasms, with the inability to eat confidently and comfortably since the operations. For years I have been seeing various GP’s to help with my pain management and muscle spasms and I have been prescribed Tramadol, anti-depressants anti convulsants amongst other opiate based pain medications- currently I have been prescribed morphine. The adverse side effects of these mostly synthetics drugs have taken their toll on my wellbeing and haven’t proved much use for the treatment of my condition. I find it a massive challenge maintaining weight and since trialling new prescriptions I have lost even more, I’m currently just over 7 stone.

For the last five years I have been a medicinal cannabis patient, this has been the only natural drug that has brought me comfort and relief from the long term pain and complications of my condition. With no adverse side effects, I have found a drug with long term prospects for pain management and my muscle spasms. Cannabis produces no complications for my internal organs whereas the cocktail of drugs previously prescribed have worsened the condition and threatened my quality of life more than once.

Cannabis alleviates my symptoms and allows me to eat with comfort and confidence, something I haven’t had the joy of doing for a long time. The issue of legality for my medicinal needs is something that current UK drug policy is not equipped to deal with. I have attempted to gain access to Sativex, which is a cannabinoid based medicine, not an extract.

My first attempt at accessing this vital medicine when I saw a consultant in Manchester was unsuccessful, I came away with a recommendation that I was to be prescribed strong morphine based patches, for the rest of my life. The notes from that particular session have vanished from NHS records. This decision has been scrutinised by recent GP's and Surgeons as Morphine is highly addictive and the long term use can lead to addiction and further health complications.

After an 18 month wait, I have been referred to Wythenshawe hospital to assess my medical condition. I am due to have further consultations there in the coming months.

A recent GP recommended that I continue my medicinal use for the immediate future as all prescriptions have failed and as no decision has been made on my behalf to access Sativex. The cost of maintaining my own medication is not an expense I can afford as I am unemployed due to my medical condition, I currently live off ESA ( A very small amount of money that doesn’t cover my basic costs of living let alone my medical needs).


I have been in contact with Sir Gerald Kaufman MP for Labour, John Leech and Norman Baker MP for the Liberal Democrats about my situation. On my behalf they have been in contact with the Department of Health, Iain Duncan Smith and Jeremy Hunt. They are currently looking into my case to offer further help.
Sir Kaufman and Mr Leech, Mr Baker and the Home Office are fully aware that I am having to break the law, and that I have had to produce my own medication, as my benefits cannot cover the medical bill.

Like others my human right to health is something we shouldn’t have to fight for, I would appreciate your support in helping me exercise my right to health- especially when the system has failed me.

PLEASE SIGN this PETITION to put pressure on the UK Government and the NHS to allow me access to the medication (Sativex) I need.

Kindest Regards
Jacob Barrow

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