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There Are No Winners In A Dog Fight

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On Monday, April 9, 2012, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control responded to 626 E. Bishop in Flint, Michigan. They found what was believed to be a bait dog in the home’s driveway. The animal was reported to have extensive injuries and could hardly stand up. Bait dogs are used to train dogs to fight. In one article that I read, the bait dog was a chocolate lab and it was later discovered that this animal had received the most extensive injuries, ranging from deep, severe wounds, multiple fractures and one injury that could only have been brought about by a human; having a blunt object shoved into his rectum. In the video of the seizure, the chocolate lab is unable to stand on his own and appears ready to die. His face is heartbreaking. Four other dogs have visible injuries; including cuts, bite marks, and a broken leg.
The home’s garage floor was said to have been covered in animal feces and fresh patches of blood. A soiled mattress had been used as the fighting arena and fresh blood covered a dog cage. Authorities believe that the ringleader is a 14 year old boy who has been questioned. Sheriff Pickell said the boy was currently on a 180-day minimum suspension from school and that he had been kicked out of school at least 10 times in the past.
On Wednesday, April 11, 2012, Sheriff Pickell declared, "What we've got here is a serious dog fighting group." He made that statement as dogs were seized from another home in Flint, MI on the city's north side. This came two days after the five dogs were seized on Monday, April 9th from a home (626 E. Bishop) that was three doors down the block. Sheriff Pickell says those dogs seized on Monday were tortured and three of them had to be euthanized, while two others will be put up for adoption. The dogs seized on Wednesday came from the grandmother’s home. “One of the dogs that we brought out appeared to be nursing and our first impulse is to believe that they may be breeding these dogs,” Sheriff Pickell said.
According to Sheriff Pickell, the 14 year old boy was believed to be operating the ring in a garage behind his mother’s home. His mother was arrested Wednesday on unrelated warrants. The boy was released after hours of questioning, but the case is still under investigation as there could be more suspects and more dogs involved.
On Thursday, April 12, 2012, six of the seven dogs seized were to be returned to their owners because authorities said they don’t have enough evidence to hold them.
I have pieced together the above story from several different news sources in the Flint, MI area, in an effort to make the story as concise as possible. The following link is very difficult to read due to the graphic nature of the contents, but I urge you to do so in hopes that you will become as outraged, saddened, and horrified as I was upon discovering the gory details.
It is my hope that justice will be served in honor of these horribly abused animals and that measures will be taken to prevent the same from happening to those animals that were returned. The person/s who perpetrated these acts was a sadist and they do not deserve to be walking around free. Many reputable studies have clearly shown the connection between animal torturers and serial killers. If a 14 year old is responsible, then I hope he is tried as an adult. He is clearly very disturbed and needs to be incarcerated, along with those who were supposed to be responsible for him. Dog fighting, as one investigator put it, “is one-stop shopping for law enforcement” because it almost always involves illegal weapons, drugs, gambling, and is linked to many other crimes.
Animals have no voice, but we do. If we combine our collective voices, we will be heard loudly and clearly. Please sign this petition and respectfully ask Mr. David Leyton, the Prosecuting Attorney for Genesee County to see that this case is fully investigated and that any guilty parties are prosecuted to the fullest extent. Mr. Leyton can be reached at: 900 South Saginaw Street Flint, MI 48502 (810) 257-3210


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