Men outnumber women by more than 2:1 in Parliament. We want better gender balance !

Of our 650 MPs only 192 are women and 458 (70%) are men. Even if the Prime Minister is a woman there are 140% more men than women in the Commons. If it was equal the difference would be 0%. In the Lords there are around 600 men and 200 women. The statistics indicate that the system still isn't working for women. Women are the majority in life but the minority in Parliament. There are more men in the Commons than there have ever been women MPs.  

We want men and women to run the country together in similar numbers. Together, they can then decide what is best for the future of our families and our society.

It's time to right this historic wrong. So we are writing to all the party leaders and Parliament because they have the power to sort this out. We want them to redress the balance. We are not specifying the solutions but we have a clear aim because "What gets measured gets managed." There are many ways to improve the current situation. Over 50 other countries have better gender balanced Parliaments than the UK so it is possible. The UK should be a world leader. 

The more signatures we have on this petition, the more they will listen to us. Just one click on "SIGN" will help us get us closer to gender equality.

This is what our letter says:

"All Party Leaders and Parliament,

We need a more gender balanced House of Commons, around 50:50 men and women. Please collaborate and do something: debate and take action to make Parliament more gender balanced, like life."

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This issue transcends party politics. We want the best of both, men and women, working together at Westminster. 

Why does it matter? Parliament is meant to be a representative body and representation shapes the policies. Here is a little example - when asked why there was tax on tampons President Obama said it was "because men where making the laws when those taxes were passed". This is the tip of the iceberg. Take "equal pay", it was only after Sarah Champion MP campaigned and got a bill passed that pay became transparent, so it is now possible for women to see if they are being paid the same, before pay was kept secret.

Women should have an equal say in all the decisions that affect their lives and future. It would ensure more informed policy-making on all issues, such as the economy, health, education, welfare, the environment, transport and defence as well as reproductive rights, violence against women and girls, equal pay, pensions, sexism, discrimination, inclusion, maternity care, family life, caring and parenting. 

Parliament should draw upon the widest possible pool of talent and skills including that of the 32 million women who make up over half the population. Women are 50% of graduates and 60% of law graduates. They make a massive contribution to society with their paid and unpaid work they merit fair inclusion.

As Prof Ngaire Woods from Oxford University says "We know that when women are in parliament…it builds more resilient, responsive, better informed institutions.” Diversity leads to better decision making and women's opinions and experiences are valid and important. Their voices need to be heard.  

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Parliament should be leading the way, spearheading the changes required, for gender equality and respect for women. If Parliament is inaccessible to the majority that are women then many others must, and do, face barriers too. Better gender balance would be better for everyone. 

50:50 Parliament is an inclusive, cross party, non-partisan campaign that has the support of people from all over the UK. We also run an Ambassador Programme to inspire interest and engagement with politics. 

Only 133 women MPs are needed to get gender equality in the Commons; this is not a big ask from a population of 32 million women. For parity in Parliament only 1 in every 100,000 women would be an MP, which is great, because clearly politics might not appeal to everyone, but it might suit 1 in 100,000 and we need women at Westminster! As Helen wrote on the petition "Apart from the obvious injustice we are in no position to under utilise so much talent." So sign and add your voice calling for this change.

Nearly 100 years after women gained the right to vote it's time we had more women in Parliament. Join us in asking for this pressing democratic issue to be sorted out.

Thank you.

Frances, Sadaf, Brian, Tina, Charlie and Nathalie

#5050Parliament Team

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