Make Hemp CBD legal in Australia

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Be scared of your bed, not CBD!

Every year over 450 people are killed by falling out of their bed!

Meanwhile, there has never been a death from CBD or cannabis in recorded history.

It's time to wake up Australia, CBD is no public risk and should be de-scheduled. 

We are calling on the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to drop CBD and all non-psychoactive cannabinoids from hemp to Schedule 2 Pharmacy Medicine or Schedule 3 Pharmacist Only Medicine aka. "over the counter".

This will allow people to talk to a chemist before trying this natural remedy, while ensuring it's easy to access.

The current CBD situation in Australia: 

  1. There is only ONE registered drug in Australia containing CBD and it costs $32,500 USD per year. 
  2. To access CBD or Medical Cannabis you and your doctor need to apply to the Special Access Scheme. Simply applying does not mean you will be supplied the medicine your doctor has recommended.
  3. The World Health Organisation reviewed CBD in August 2018. They found "No Public Health Risks Or Abuse Potential For CBD". However, the Australian government still places CBD in an unreasonably controlled category.
  4. In Australia CBD (Cannabidiol) is still listed as a S4 drug, which makes it prescription-only under the Special Access Scheme (see point 2). In the United States, the UK & Europe, CBD is either over the counter or readily available in health food stores - much like any other natural vitamin or mineral supplement. 

CBD has been shown to help manage 50+ conditions and has been used by humans for over 5,000 years. Everyone from JFK to Queen Victoria and Kim Kardashian has used CBD. It's about time Aussies had the same rights.

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