Restore Freedom of Speech: Release Zimbabwean Anti Government Protesters

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Everyday freedom of speech and social liberties are being stripped from Zimbabwean citizens, this has happened continually under the autocratic leadership of the oppressive ruling party ZANU PF. 

In May 2020, three female activists who oppose Zanu and champion the will of the power were abducted from prison and then sexually assaulted, tortured and brutalised. Although this was reported on the international news (inc ITV, BBC) nothing was done. In June, the Zanu government ruled that they had lied about the police torture they experienced and justice was never served. Their names are Cecilia Chimbiri, Netsai Marova and Joanah Mamobe.

July 2020, saw multiple activists arrested due to government crackdowns and increased ‘security measures’. Among the targeted and currently unlawfully arrested are: Tsitsi Dangarembga - an award-winning novelist, Muzingaye Thaka – a conservationist and school teacher, Tawanda Muchechiwa – a research assistant and activist

This petition is one of anger at the injustice that Zimbabwean citizens are subject to at the hands of the government that refuses to give up power and insists on destroying its own country. This petition is one demanding justice for Ms Chimbiri, Ms Marova and Ms Mamobe. This petition is one demanding freedom for Ms Dangarembga, Mr Thaka and Mr Muchechiwa. This petition is one of change for Zimbabwe.