“The Young Turks” Must Change Its Name to Respect Victims of Armenian Genocide

“The Young Turks” Must Change Its Name to Respect Victims of Armenian Genocide

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Started by Alex Arabian

The Young Turks prides themselves as a progressive network, garnering more than one BILLION YouTube views. Not only is their name a reference to a fascistic, terrorist organization that perpetrated the Armenian Genocide, but their founder, Cenk Uygur, STILL denies the events of the Armenian Genocide. Imagine a news organization today called “Hitler’s Youth” or “The Progressive Nazis” that denies the Holocaust…Their anchor, Ana Kasparian, hides behind this blanket of denial and lashes out at Armenians who try to speak out, silencing her own people.

After the Hamidian Massacres, The Young Turks organized the Armenian Genocide in the early 1900s, slaughtering more than 1.5 MILLION Armenians and forcing deportations, religious conversions, and brutally raping the remaining number of our people throughout the Ottoman Empire from 1915-1923. The Young Turks of a century ago wiped out an entire population that remains traumatized from Turkey and Uygur’s denial and the continuation of what they started in Artsakh today. A Genocide denied is a Genocide repeated.

The Young Turks also slaughtered and deported Assyrians and Pontian Greeks, virtually the entire Christian population in the Ottoman Empire during the beginning of the 20th Century.

Armenians built their land - Most of Turkey belongs to Armenia. Turkey is still indoctrinated at a young age in their school system to believe Armenians are sub-human. 

The Young Turks brand exists in the same space as the confederate flag, the use of Native American names or symbols by non-native sports teams, and racial slurs. 

This petition asks for The Young Turks to rename itself with consideration to the issues raised above, and to stop propping up a regime that organized and executed the Armenian Genocide. It also asks for Uygur to recognize the Genocide and issue a personal apology to all Armenians, as well as for Uygur and Kasparian to resign and donate a portion of everything they have earned off of Armenian trauma back into the Armenian community and to charities that are helping to rebuild Artsakh.

The impact of this name is present whether the name intentionally refers to the group and its history or not. Reducing the name to “TYT” is not enough.

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475 have signed. Let’s get to 500!