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Thank Jackie Chan for his continued work to end animal cruelty

Jackie Chan is best known for being in movies, but a lot of people are not aware of how he continues his work to end all animal suffering mainly in China and Asia. He has worked with a couple of charities along the way including WSPA and PETA. In 2008 he joined forces with WSPA to put an end to and expose all bear farms in China and Asia. He exposed the horrors of how bears are forced to live in tiny cramped cages, making it impossible to exercise or even turn around. In china he helped to set up a brand new panda sanctuary, spoke up about the horrors of tiger bone trade and tried to stop the rhino horn industry. He worked with PETA to tell the chinese government that by killing dogs because of a rabies outbreak was not the answer, vaccines should be made available that would be a much kinder route to tackle the issue. please join me in taking the time to thank Jackie Chan for all he does to kick out horrific animal cruelty thank you very much.

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