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THE WORLD SAYS NO to the 2012 EURO DOG SHOW to be held in ROMANIA!

It is unjust and unfair to all the abused and brutally massacred strays in that country and we demand change of venue for the show now!

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Our dogs, UK Ms. Kerry R.
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Ministry of Tourism Ms. Elena U
We read with dismay about Romania’s audacity to organize the 2012 Dog Show in the country, whilst Romania’s image as one of the cruellest nations towards its animals in general and strays in particular is spreading throughout the world like wildfire.

We strongly oppose the venue of such event in Romania, until Romania observes and strictly applies animal care/protection rules for its strays, through spay/neuter/return programme, which proved to be so successful in other parts of the world and in Europe. We demand, hereto, the change of venue for the 2012 Dog show to a country where animals are treated with the respect they deserve.

Also, we expect the sponsors to exercise common sense and fairness in the matter, guard their image as responsible authorities and withdraw their support to the venue.

The Romanian Kennel Club surely, cannot sustain its reputable breeding business image, while its “pure breeds” end up in the streets of Romania as strays, abandoned and thrown away like trash, so often literally into the dustbins. Those "PURE BREEDS' who were not sold/bought are being thrown into city so called "shelters" where their fate has been sealed already.

Romania’s indifference to the world’s protests, letters, mails, petitions and its arrogance despite despicable cruelties towards the animals, puts off not only potential tourists but it enrages those who view the organizing of a Dog Show as an affront and its note on the official webpage, which reads “the wonderful world of dogs” a mockery in the true sense of the word.

The responsibility towards these animals should not rely solely on the public’s shoulders while the institutions and authorities by distancing themselves from the situation or on the other extreme end, by applying cruel methods of disposing of them, are keen on projecting a “perfectly clean image of their professionalism” to the world. This is offensive to all animal lovers and Romania’s tainted image of irresponsibility, apathy, condoning cruelty and total neglect of its animals/strays is spreading further for the whole world to see.

The barbaric methods of killing the strays, by shooting, beating, slaying, poisoning, hanging, electrocuting , clobbering, dumping them in deserted areas or cramming them into so called “shelters’ without adequate conditions where they are left to die of hunger or in many cases where they are brutally massacred inside the shelters, are unacceptable for an EU country.

We expect Romania, as a European country, to strictly apply the only civilized method acceptable for stray population control, which is the spay/neuter/return programme and stop the cruelties towards its animals immediately.

Until this happens, THE WORLD SAYS NO to the 2012 DOG SHOW to be held in ROMANIA!


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