Report on Kevin Galalae's hunger strike at the Vatican

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Report on Kevin Galalae's hunger strike at the Vatican

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Canadian author and activist, Kevin Galalae, has been on a hunger strike at the Vatican for 34 days to compel Pope Francis to speak up with respect to covert population control methods in use since 1945, yet the media remains silent. His progress so far is documented in a Hunger Strike Timeline through video footage and text, but save for WHDT-Miami, a US television station, no mainstream media has uttered a single word.


This is completely unacceptable and shows that the mainstream media is fully complicit in crimes against humanity by virtue of the code of silence it maintains to enable the international community and governments around the world to continue to poison humanity into extinction.


Mr. Galalae has documented the covert chemical, biological and bacteriological methods by which human fertility is being secretly subverted, as well the psychosocial and economic methods by which the family structure is being destroyed for the purpose of defusing the population bomb. He has done so in his two books “Killing Us Softly: Causes and Consequences of the Global Depopulation Policy” and “Chemical and Biological Depopulation”.


More than this, in his OM Principles he has given an alternative solution on how to accomplish the necessary demographic and geopolitical goals on which the peace and prosperity of the planet depend without sickening mankind and downgrading the genetic and intellectual endowment of the human species.


His work has received the recognition of policy makers and diplomats, which is why it is published by Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, one of the world’s most prestigious public policy magazines.


To stop him from exposing the true nature of the post-World War II system, he has been arrested six times, has been separated from his children for more than three years, has clandestinely escaped Canada to save his freedom and life, has spent one year behind bars only to be released the day before trial, has had all of his fundamental rights trampled upon with impunity, and has spent ten months exile to be able to tell the world the truth. All of this and more is documented in a Wikipedia article.


But he did not cave in. To this day he fights for our rights and liberties. He has done five hunger strikes so far, the longest being 75 days, and is now in Italy doing a sixth in one of the world’s most public places, St. Peter’s square, yet despite his riveting story of sacrifice and suffering for the wellbeing of mankind the press remains silent.


Not only is the mainstream media destroying the little credibility it has left by remaining silent, it is also making itself complicit in crimes against humanity and, on a more personal level, in the poisoning of our children.


Let us send them an unmistakable message that unless they start talking about Kevin Galalae’s sacrifices and publishing the truth about covert depopulation, we, the people, will hold them accountable for complicity in genocide and crimes against humanity.


We are sick and tired of the mainstream media refusing to do their sacred duty, which is to tell the truth, and to report the stories and issues that matter to us.


If you want the mainstream media to speak the truth then please sign this petition.


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This petition had 324 supporters

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