Redistribute your attention

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Redistribute your attention

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Matt Starr started this petition to The world

Right now Kim Kardashian West has 30 million followers on Instagram. That is way too much influence. If Kim Kardashian decided to post an image on her Instagram that upon seeing it would kill a human on sight — 29 million people would die! (probably more because thrill seekers who don’t even follow Kim would look too).

Imagine if Kim joined ISIS (or Scientology even?), she would be such a powerful tool in the hands of bad people. 

I am being extreme but it is for a reason. Kim Kardashian is dangerous, not because she is a sexy woman or what not but because she has more power than Obama and she wasn't elected. 

Our attention is wealth on the internet, and if we let it go the way of money, the majority of it will end up in the hands of 30 people and we won’t pay any more attention to ourselves.

This is bigger than Kim Kardashian or Kanye or another individual. 

So for the future of humanity I think it is time to unfollow Kim Kardashian and re-distribute our attention. I’m not going to sit here and tell you to read BBC with your newfound time, but once you unfollow Kim, you maybe will have more time every month to talk to your mom or something.

Step 1: Go to-

Kim Kardashian Instagram , 

Kim Kardashian Twitter , 

Kim Kardashian Facebook

Step 2: Click "Unfollow"

Step 3: Exhale and feel the freedom



Matt Starr

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This petition had 27 supporters