A new Bloody Roar game.

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Ever since that horrible Bloody Roar troll that crushed our hopes many years ago, fighting game enthusiasts were left wanting a new Bloody Roar to finally surface. Bloody Roar is a unique game that the fighting game community needs more now than ever, but it's also a game that can be enjoyed by almost everyone. The iconic characters, the stylish and over the top combos, the rhythmic and unforgettable soundtracks and the over the top Beast drives are what made Bloody Roar a fighting game favorite to the fans. The game still has so much potential with all of the animals that haven't been used for characters. For instance how hype would it be to see a Horse, a Shark, a Sloth, a Gazelle, and so much more duke it out! Also, mix in the huge variety of different fighting styles and you get endless possibilities. Seriously think of how epic a Bloody Roar game would be like on the current generation of consoles. Bloody Roar has the potential to be great once again but it starts with us, the loyal fans. So I ask everyone to join in and be a part of this Bloody Roar resurrection! Let's show the world that Bloody Roar deserves to be back in the spotlight! Long Live the Zoanthropes!