Adopt the "Electro-Mechanical Meter Opt-out With No Fees" Prepared By Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY

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This is important because many Woodstock residents are being affected adversely by the digital meters  installed  by Central Hudson without the ratepayers  being notified or giving permission.This resolution is important because it mandates that no fees be charged for retaining their analog meter or replacing their digital meter with a refurbished analog meter. This is important because this resolution requests the NY Public Service Commission to order Central Hudson to make  refurbished analog meters available to  the ratepayer  at no cost which is only right because the Central Hudson opted us in without our permission so therefore they should pay the costs, not us. This  Petition is important because the Woodstock Town Board is considering another resolution that is not comprehensive enough. This Petition is so important because it will give the ratepayers a good chance of convincing their  neighbors to opt-out with a free analog meter thereby reducing more microwave  emissions in the community .This resolution prepared by Stop Smart Meters Woodstock ,NY is important because it much more comprehensive in content and definitions and leaves no loopholes for Central Hudson to avoid responsibility to install refurbished analog meters at no cost .This Petition would convince the Woodstock Town Board to pass this resolution because it would demonstrate that the people have spoken.

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