Pet Fair in The Woodlands Mall needs to go!! Sign and say NO, gotta go!

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Pet Fair needs to go! Either offer rescue pets or none at all!! (and actually the current RETAIL space is totally inadequate for living beings to thrive).

The Woodlands Tx and its residents are far too conscious to still be supporting puppy mills/ breeders for profit. It's atrocious. The pet store is on a second floor with no outside access or green space. It is used as an "attraction" and it is a blemish for The Woodlands Mall. It's time for a CHANGE! ‪#‎pawprotectionleague‬ ‪#‎adoptdontshop‬ ‪#‎alllivesmatter‬ ‪#‎stoppuppymills‬

Woodlands' residents and animal advocates want to see Pet Fair, a high profit, low quality care (puppy mill supplied) pet store CLOSED!!

Really, The Woodlands Mall/ The Woodlands Development Co/Woodlands Township, we have Whole Foods, Krisers, Natural Pawz, George Mitchell Nature Preserve, not to mention the ENTIRE philosophy/ foundation upon which the master planned community, The Woodlands, was built to be in HARMONY/ ECOLOGY with nature! It DOES MATTER that you have a very profit driven, low care pet store in our mall!! ==> a very tired and wrong choice.

Again, this is an UGLY blemish, heart sore and it must change now.

Please SIGN and SHARE, say "NO, Pet Fair has to go!!" We encourage you to also comment and share your experiences and feelings/thoughts regarding the pet store in the mall. (Small space, second floor, for profit, no green space or outside time, low quality care, no adoption counselors, etc).