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Remove the city ordinance banning anyone owning or adopting pitbull dogs.


There are so many amazing loving pit bull dogs wanting to be part of a family in shelters who cannot be adopted to cities that have breed specific legislation BSL. These are smart, good natured animals, that have a bad rap. When a lab bites, the media, if involved, say, "family pet mauls child." never involving the breed.
Michael Vick's dogs are made outto be willing participants in their role in fighting. These dogs, who were starved, neglected, and dying to please their master, were victims of a heinous crime, not aggressive by nature. The city wastes a large portion of animal control resources investigating potential "pit bull sightings."
PUNNISH THE DEED, Not the breed! The fact that I have been bitten by a black lab, chiuaua, cocker spaniel, and a mutt overthe years means nothing. I never thought of calling animal control..... I'm an animal lover.... Pit bulls are loving and sweet, a high tolerance for annoyance, they don't snap if to pull on their ears ( as a child would)
They want your approval and love! That's it!... Oh and to play, they want to play.
When dog breeds are singled out as dangerous or vicious, responsibility is removed from the dog owner, which is where it belongs. Behind every dangerous dog is an irresponsible owner.

Contrary to myths propagated by the media, human aggression occurs in all dog breeds. Canines can exhibit many kinds of aggression: human-, dog-, territory-, and food-aggression, to name a few. These are independent behaviors.

Each year, the American Temperament Testing Society holds evaluations across the country for dog breeds and gives a passing score for the entire breed based on the percentage of passed over failed within total number of the particular breed tested.

Here is how the pit bull breeds scored in the latest statistics from February 2012:

American Pit Bull Terrier - 86.8%
American Staforddshire Terrier - 84.2%
Bull Terrier - 91.1%
Miniature Bull Terrier - 100%
Staforddshire Bull Terrier - 90.3%

And here are the scores of some other popular dog breeds:

Chihuahua - 68.3%
Jack Russell Terrier - 84.1%
Golden Retriever - 85.2%
Labrador Retriever - 92.3%

The average score for all the breeds tested was 82.8%.

As you can see, all the pit bull breeds scored higher than the overall average and better than some of the most popular breeds.

To date, every shred of empirical evidence we have suggests that pit bulls are the same as, if not better than, other breeds when it comes to human


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