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Keep the orignal seal / logo

Our beloved Williston Northampton School decided that it was time for a change to update its logo and its identity. Williston Northampton, with a rich tradition and history dating back to the years of Williston Academy and the Northampton School for Girls, is ignoring these important key factors to create a new logo which was "developed to embody Williston's ideals: a diverse, open, healthy culture; an exceptional location; a balanced, robust program; and a student-centered community." The new seal and logo does not represent that.

Many universities and boarding schools, such as Harvard, Yale, Deerfield Academy, etc. dating back to the mid 1700s-1800s have mostly kept their logos intact, although there were several minor redesigns. Even schools such as Suffield Academy and Wilbraham Monson have kept their original seals. Why? It is because everyone involved in these educational institutions are proud of themselves, proud to part of the history, and proud to be part of the long tradition. What Williston has done is similar to what business corporations with tarnished reputation have done in the past.

Take American Airlines, for example. Their horrific service, lack of attention to details, tainted reputation from 9/11, and other major factors had created a money losing organization. They recently revealed a new identity, just as Williston did, to rebrand itself and give itself a clean slate. But when they created a new logo, the result was not as severe as Williston's. In fact, the beloved eagle logo was reinvented to create a more modern "eagle" logo. Their font was updated as well. In the end, a new identity was created while maintaining their historic iconic identity.

Whatever the reason maybe for the change, Williston will have our support; but the new logo does not seem to be a suitable replacement.

Check out the new logo for yourself!

Please join me and take a few minutes of your time to sign this petition to tell Williston's decision makers to keep the beloved logo, or come up with another design.

Thank you,
Yoshi Funatani '99

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