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NOT to DECLARE Halloween National Kill A Pit bull day

Some lunatic posted for people to kill pit bulls or any other breed on Halloween for more news here a link,

there are some comments on you tube, that are disgusting also, some people are saying that's a good thing they trained there pit bull abused it as if you read that well its disgusting, any how im trying to get my point across is to why hurt a animal yes pits have a name yes there stronger, yes they have bloodlines with aggression but my dog is mixed, with rott, and another "dangerous" blood line as people may call it , she is the nicest rott mix in the world got her from a rescue and no harm has she ever done, so whats the difference with a pit ill tell you, ITS the HUMAN beings who teach them wrong, its there mistakes that the dog follows. Its all on you how you treat your animal, no pit has bite me even we were playing i stuck my hand in the pits mouth nothing happen and he was in a playing mode so don't give me that, they don't attack unless treat or fought en so please get this petition across and save pits life's. EVEN NONE pit breeds are in danger also, please help and do whats right declare no halloween national kill a pit bull day

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