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Stop Levy from her horrendous singing

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Levy has been singing for way too long now. For months, I've been wanting to commit suicide just for him to stop singing and soon I'll die from sleep deprivation from his terrible voice. His songs can range through "Did I shave my legs for this?" To the toxic "Pussy Cat." 

People on the playground are even saying that they want him to stop wrinkling, so how do we stop this dreadful beast from ruining our lives? Make him wear a cardboard box and put ducktape on his mouth. 

If we get enough people to sign this petition, we will find my long lost father who is still playing hide and seek with me. With him, he can hack Levy's computer because he's the CEO of Nintendo and get his home address, then we can go in for the kill.

For months, I've been stratigically planning my stratagy, and I think that this time, we can end Levy from giving his mic a blowjob, as well as giving him a pacifier, fit for an overgrown crusty man-child. 

And now, a word from Grizzly, our overlord and supreme leader,

As you know Levy loves singing Elvis, but also as you may know this damages everyone else.

This is an example of the type of Damage Levy has done.

This Graph has been approved by doctors around the world. And done by over 6 universities in an attempt to show the people the damage that has gone un-acknowledged.The ear damage caused by Levy's singing has grown and is now becoming increasing dangerous. Levy is Jewish and possibly has brain damage, so in whatever we attempt to do we need to do it together. In the famous words of Uncle Sam, only YOU can make a change for the better. Our teamspeak has grown to be an un-comfortable environment and a dangerous space for those who find themselves effected in anyway by his singing and as the months have continued, his variety of songs have grown. He now sings songs done by:
Muslims, Elvis, the KKK (and his own songs that are a mixture of the same genre).

We have never seen this amount of damage done to people psychologically as well as through physical ear damage than ever before. Doctors are still trying to figure out how to stop it, and the only way is to sign this petition and get Levy to stop singing.
With your help we can make a change for the better.

Together, we can stop Levy once and for all.

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