Our Students First- Stop the WV Omnibus Bill

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West Virginia public education employees are calling out to every WV citizen to oppose the WV "omnibus" education bill. Omnibus bills are usually run with the purpose of linking popular (such as Gov. Justice’s pay raise) and unpopular (increasing class sizes in 1-6 grades, charter schools, ESAs, eliminating seniority) proposals together to help the unpopular ones pass without having to be debated, considered, and voted upon separately.
This roughly 140 page bill is being presented as "education reform" to help the children of WV, however, no WV public education employees were consulted while this massive bill was being drafted. Including multiple items in a bill and calling it comprehensive education reform is overly simplistic and erroneous. Each of these items should be presented with transparency in their own bills and pass or fail based on their own merits.
In addition to signing this petition, we urge you to call and email your representatives and ask them not to pass this bill as it would be detrimental to our children of WV.

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