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Tell Disney to bring Wander Over Yonder back for a third season!

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As many fans already know, The fairly new yet rather impressive Disney XD show called Wander Over Yonder is going strong in it's second season right about now. This show has helped me personally with lessons of friendship and being introspective among it's various positive messages. I know that this show has a lot of heart and means a ton to more people than just me. I've watched the fanbase grow over the last year and found it inspiring how a wacky childrens show about a furry orange alien trying to befriend a moody skeletal overlord can bring people together in the way that this show has. It's really a wonderful phenomena.

But now the fanbase that has spent it's time begging Disney for merchandise of their favorite characters is confronted suddenly with the companies refusal of a third season. The show has a well-structured plot that still has a great potential for it's future. The crew already has ideas for a third season arc and I believe all Disney needs is a bit of convincing to keep Wander Over Yonder on air.

So I ask anyone who would be willing to help out to sign this petition and help support Wander Over Yonder by watching the show as well when it airs. After all, it never hurts to help!

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