Stop Wreck-It Ralph 2 From Being Released To Theaters

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In the Mid-2000s, The Walt Disney Company made a tragic mistake. They looked at the underperformance of the 2D animated features they were making at the time and came to the assumption that people don't want to see 2D animation from them anymore. Then they quickly proceeded to shut down all of their hand-drawn animation units, throw out all of their hand-drawn equipment, and lay off all of their wonderful and extremely talented hand-drawn artists based on this assumption alone, essentially turning their back on their own tradition and the very art form that their animation was built on in the first place. Soon afterwards they started trying to imitate what they saw to be the success of DreamWorks with Chicken Little in 2005, deciding never to go back to their own art form ever again.

But was it REALLY the fault of 2D animation? The only true answer should be no. It was the fault of the weaker storytelling and marketing of their 2D animated features on Disney's part. Home on the Range was simply a weak movie, and making Chicken Little be CGI didn't make it any better of a movie than Home on the Range was. They also didn't consider how 2002's Lilo & Stitch and Treasure Planet were both released in the same year, with the former movie being much more critically successful than the latter and turning into a popular franchise, because it had a better story and was given a much stronger marketing campaign than Treasure Planet.

After Chicken Little was released, The Walt Disney Company went under new management. And with new management came new creative leadership over Walt Disney Feature Animation, which was given to Pixar's John Lasseter and Ed Catmull. One of the first things that Lasseter promised to do when he took over was to bring Disney back to their 2D animation again with The Princess and the Frog in 2009. It did look very promising at first, with the studio promising us a new hand-drawn feature every couple years, and Princess and the Frog was the most strong and ambitious 2D animated feature to come out of Disney in quite some time. So what happened? Disney made mistakes again. And they've chosen to let 2D animation take the blame for their mistakes... AGAIN. They put it up against a big James Cameron movie like Avatar, and having the word "princess" in the title probably meant that they didn't get as wide of an audience as what they were aiming to get. The film was still successful and well-received, but because it wasn't able to live up to Disney's own high expectations they used it as an excuse to label it a "flop" and to shut down 2D animation again.

But there are other factors that can be to blame for this as well, such as the decision to continue to let Disney put out their animated films in CGI at a time when their hand-drawn animation was trying to be revived (even though the whole reason they became CGI was a mistake in the first place), essentially jinxing the revival by following Princess and the Frog with Tangled, seeing it perform better due to the kind of marketing they were giving it, and then concluding that it must be because "it's not in 2D animation". Hence why they made Frozen be CGI instead of hand-drawn. It also doesn't help that Lasseter and Catmull have more experience with computer animation, and therefore would probably have more bias for CGI than in keeping Disney's integrity for 2D animation, which shouldn't have really made them the best people to be leading Disney animation or to be reviving their art form.

And then finally, the last real 2D animated project that Disney had in the works after Princess and the Frog was something much less ambitious or original... another Winnie the Pooh movie. Which they released against Harry Potter. It's never been 2D animation that's the problem, but how they've been using it.

So what does all of this have to do with the newly announced Wreck-It Ralph 2, and why am I saying that this movie shouldn't be released to theaters? Simple. It's a sequel to a movie that Disney shouldn't have even been making. Disney animation has lost its way, and the Walt Disney Animation Studio is no longer the animation studio that it should be, partly because of the current leadership of the company, but largely because of their own mistakes that they've made over the years. They've been living in a lie of CGI now and have forgotten their true art form only because they made the mistake way back when that their art was to blame for the kind of films they were making.

Truthfully, it never should have happened at all. And with sequels to Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen being announced, it is clear that they are being made merely to capitalize off of what Disney has convinced themselves to be the "superior medium" of CGI, while 2D animated features become a dying art without their support. If sequels like these get released by the company, it will destroy the very integrity of everything that the art of Disney animation has ever been from the beginning, and what it's meant to represent. 2D animation IS the art of Disney, but they've lost sight of that, and it's gotten to the point where they're even making their audience forget that as well.

So that is why I am writing this petition now before it is too late, in hopes of getting the word out to as many people as possible. If Wreck-It Ralph 2 gets released in November, it will be a terrible thing for Disney animation whether anyone knows it or not. We need to remind Disney once and for all of what their true art is and show them the mistakes that they've been making, if there is to be any hope of bringing back 2D animation and returning Walt Disney Feature Animation back to the way it's meant to be. If you care about saving 2D animation, or about saving the integrity of Disney animation before the company destroys it forever, please sign this petition. As the great Disney animator Andreas Deja once said: "If you take the drawing out of Disney, it just isn't Disney."