Star Vs the forces of evil - Season 5 (or movie) - Petition

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Star Vs the forces of evil has been an amazing TV show which has brought light to our days. The fact that it has ended has broken our hearts. This show has ended with a beautiful episode that we enjoyed a lot, but it didn't feel as an ending. It still has some open things that have never been solved. Some are: the reference to Marcos tentacle, Toffee reappearing but never really coming back, Mina still wanting to attack, how are things going to end up with the two dimensions united. I feel like this show has still a lot to tell, and that's why I'm making this petition.

It doesn't have to necessarily be a 5th season, it could also just be some kind of crossover, movie or comic book about how things turn out to be after the two dimensions were "cleaved" .

So, if you want Svtfoe to continue in some kind of way, just sign this petition. Thank you!!!