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Restart the Star Wars Clone Wars Series

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"Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1" was first released on October 3, 2008 and had another 5 season added to it, finishing at a total of 121 episodes (along with a full-length film). At the time of cancellation, there were 65 episodes still in development and many story arcs were left incomplete. Cancellation was due to Disney buying Lucasfilm and the rights to Star Wars and stopping all work on the series, possibly in an attempt to sever ties to the prequel trilogy, which was disliked by many fans.

Stopping the series was a major mistake and fans, to this day, are having a hard time forgiving Disney for it. The TV show was seen by many as the best thing that came out of the prequel trilogy and was a great addition to the Star Wars franchise.

There is proof that the Clone Wars was loved by many fans. The Clone Wars became the most watched series premiere in Cartoon Network history, and in 2014, rated the series as the 7th best cartoon to have gotten cancelled, an honor hard to reach. The series was also awarded with at least 10 awards and was nominated for many others (at least 60). The entire series gained 8/10 on IMDB, 8.4/10 on, and 95% on Google.

I personally loved the Clone Wars TV show and was actually what first introduced me to the franchise. The sudden ending of season 6 left me with a thirst for answers to many questions. I sincerely appreciate all the support, and I hope that we can succeed in our goal to restart what is one of the best TV shows of all time.

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