Change old flume into 2 seaters flume for Tiana's Bayou Adventure P​.​A​.​T​.​F @Disneyland CA

Change old flume into 2 seaters flume for Tiana's Bayou Adventure P​.​A​.​T​.​F @Disneyland CA

May 3, 2021
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Started by Taran Kaynes

Since Disney has already developed that Princess and the Frog ride is coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World as well.

As name announced: "Tiana's Bayou Adventure"


Disney would need to develop how to manage the new stretch room with tracks, roads, rails, trails, and even drop plunge slide to make wider to make room for new WIDER flume 2 seaters log flume boat to update to reinstall and remove the old 1 seaters log flume away for good,

because the original flume boats for 1 seaters for seats from Splash Mountain, as 1 seaters each 4 wooden seats is very HARD SEATERS for guests and it could give guests feel in their back and uncomfortable and makes their buttocks and their spine backs bones really CRAMPY.

Walt Disney Imagineering Team needs to upgrade by removing all old flume boats to be replace into new 2 seaters wider flume boats to reinstall for comfort guests even better for Disneyland's Splash Mountain into Princess and the Frog attraction for Disneyland Resort Anaheim California as well.


But as Princess and the Frog is going to be reimagined attraction and it is based on romantic animated film as they are going to build to relocate into New Orleans Square and split out from Critter Country.


So WDI and Disney should remove all old log flumes boats away and replace to

reinstall to NEW side-by-side 2 seaters wider new log flume design to update new log flume boats for providing two persons can sit next to each other as in case for romantic couple for a ride just like from the movie. As it will be fair and comfortable for guests to be seated two persons into side-by-side boat and Disney needs to hammer it down to stretch it out and make room for it as this reinstall new side-by side 2 seaters wider flume boat for Disneyland Park anaheim as well.


So to make good room, Disneyland railroad might have to temporality closing again one more time, while restrech out wider good room

and switch from Critter Country into new locate NEW ORLEANS SQUARE

and the rest of rooms inside show building might take little hammer down and make little room wider inside Disneyland show building 

to make new wider 2 flume boats and make pretty good enough same amount inches for roads, tracks in a new wider way layout for Disneyland.


Also Disneyland Railroad might have one more to work on to rebuild a new rebuild the new railroad tracks to fits better while reconstructing for TIANA's BAYOU ADVENTURE for preparing before opening late 2024 OR extending opening til 2025 either way depends on how much timeline, timeframe would take shape for all these new transformation in a new way.

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Signatures: 1,245Next Goal: 1,500
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