Remove Kathleen Kennedy from her position at Lucasfilm

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Star Wars. The franchise we've all grown up to know and love. Be it we are 5 years old, or 50. One of the few things that brought everyone together as fans. I am one of those people, and have been a massive fan of Star Wars since 4 years of age. Growing up during the prequel era, I became attached to The Clone Wars TV show, which many adults too even enjoyed. In 2012, it all changed. The Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm arrived. From that moment on, the mastermind of the franchise: George Lucas had stepped down, and a new face took the role of president: Kathleen Kennedy. From the get go her team and Disney announced a new trilogy of movies, which we were all excited for. Fast forward to 2015. The Force Awakens releases, the long awaited return to the Skywalker saga. What do we get from it? Not what we as fans wanted. It was bland, the few jokes were stale, the characters were poorly written and worst of all; the film was blatantly pushing a political agenda. To our misfortune, this was only the beginning. Film after film came, hoping Disney could redeem themselves, but we were met with a semi-decent film in Rogue One, and two dumpster fires that managed to be worse than TFA. December 15th, 2017: The Last Jedi releases. In a hope of redemption from TFA, TLJ did no better. The cringe worthy jokes only became more potent. The Attack of The Clones-tier dialogue only got worse. The plot holes only deepened. The poor First Order military tactics made them even look more like cartoon villains. Rey became more of a Mary Sue. Kylo Ren became more dislikable. Captain Phasma was solidified as the Boba Fett of the sequel trilogy. Tremendous potential was thrown out the window with Snoke. A franchise died that day. However, all these flaws were ignoring the left-wing undertones, which were so prominent and obvious. From the "women can do it too" argument, which doesn't take a genius to already know that without a Mary Sue character, to the magical force-sensitive space lesbian strong independent womyn Vice Admiral Holdo. A perfect example of a strong female character is none other than Princess Leia. However, Kathleen Kennedy and the creative team have failed to realise that making that kind of character does not have to be in your face and misandristic. The Last Jedi was the most controversial and polarising Star Wars film ever, and for good reason. The needless insertion of 21st century identity politics turned the movie into something it's not. What once united us together, throwing the scourges of politics away from a second, only reminded us even more now. To add insult to injury, the film's director: Rian Johnson began to angrily attack critics of the film. A fanbase was left divided, and all we could hope was for the success of "Solo." That success never came. Solo had flopped at the box office, being the lowest selling Star Wars movie ever. It too was subpar, but not as bad as The Last Jedi. However, Solo told us not even existing characters could be free from the grip of Kathleen Kennedy's political views. Lando Calrissian, a beloved character, was watered down into a degenerate who wished to have sex with a droid. In another book titled "Last Shot" he describes about how he'd be turned on by a droid orgy. He was later dubbed as a "pansexual." So, why is Kathleen Kennedy at fault. It is simple. As the president of Lucasfilm, she has full creative control. Bob Iger and Disney only control the marketing of the brand. What goes into the movies is all under her jurisdiction. We've seen from example, she has failed to deliver a Star Wars movie that all the fanbase could get behind, and instead would rather attack her own fans for being men. In an interview she stated "I owe male fans nothing." Regardless of whether we are male or female, white or black, you owe us fans a good Star Wars movie. Additionally, she cannot claim the brand's success. Kathleen Kennedy has not done anything to the brand economically, the logo has. At this point, anything with the Star Wars logo will get the money from children. I ask you as fans to unite again, and remove this Sith from her position. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Star Wars fans. You're my only hope.