Remove Kathleen Kennedy from her position at Lucasfilm

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For years we've grown up with the Star Wars we know and love, but in 2017, it's clearly changed from what it was 40 years ago, and not in a good way. Star Wars has become one of the many franchises to go politically correct, and this practice has basically rid the film industry of all decisions. Star Wars has become one of those franchises, due to one person: Kathleen Kennedy. She has thrown in almost every possible thing she could throw in for the sake of it. With female leads introduced, this was only done for the sake of doing it, as in many people's opinions, the characters either were stale or a Mary Sue. Other components include speculation over a gay couple, which yet again, is only there for the sake of it. As a true diehard Star Wars fan, I beg that Star Wars returns to its original glory, and like all movies, cast actors based on their performance, and not the colour of their skin or gender, and the only way to is to remove the root cause. As many fans are sick of her implementing PC aspects just because, i, like many others want her out. Thank you.

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