Remove all Walt Disney Statues in Disney Parks

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As iconic as Walt Disney is, he has, throughout his life, shown very problematic beliefs through his art as well as his beliefs that ran the company. Various problems such as his racism, bigotry, and sexism. Walt Disneys countless racism such as allowing for movies such as "Song of the South" to be made, having caricatures of African Americans in Dumbo as crows, shown Mickey Mouse in BLACKFACE, the Big Bad Wolf’s Jewish peddler disguise in the Three Little Pigs, the native Americans in Peter pan and various questionable offensive takes on POC and Jewish people. In the 1930s, Disney attended meetings of a pro-Nazi organization, the German American Bund. He also hosted a known Nazi propagandist and filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl, and gave her a tour of Disney Studios. Many of his racial and sexist issues have also been spoken out from his former grandniece, who has called him out for his racist and sexist acts in animation, for example "The Jungle Book". With these controversial acts he has practiced, and the recent touring down of controversial statues, the Walt Disney company should remove all statues of Walt Disney, and maybe replace it with more flattering statues of characters.