Release 'The Clone Wars: The Siege Of Mandalore' In Theaters As A Movie!

Release 'The Clone Wars: The Siege Of Mandalore' In Theaters As A Movie!

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Why this petition matters

Started by Benjamin Hart

Mission Statement:

  • We, the Undersigned, would like to formally and respectfully ask the powers that be at Lucasfilm and the Walt Disney Company to consider releasing Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ four-episode “Siege Of Mandalore” story arc in theaters as a feature film this December, or whenever the COVID-19 crisis has passed. 

Why It Should Happen:

  • The quality of animation, voice acting, sound, music and storytelling in “The Siege Of Mandalore” is nothing short of superb and rivals that of any feature-length animated film. It deserves to be on the big screen.
  • Being that Star Wars: The Clone Wars first debuted in 2008 as a feature film, it would be remarkably fitting to have the end of the series bookended by another film.
  • Ever since 2015 with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans and the public abroad have become accustomed to having a new Star Wars film in theaters near the end of the year. But with no Star Wars film slated for release this December the franchise would be noticeably absent from the holiday box office. Release “The Siege Of Mandalore” at this time would fill that void and keep a recent Star Wars tradition alive.
  • Due to COVID-19 theaters everywhere are now suffering financially. Once this crisis passes they will desperately need our support, and new films will be in high demand. What better way to restart the entertainment economy than by putting a brand new Star Wars film in cinemas?

Thank you for your consideration.

- The Undersigned

3,871 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!