Release Song of the South on Disney+

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Generations grew up learning from the wisdom of Uncle Remus, and Walt Disney was one of those individuals. In 1946, he brought Joel Chandler Harris' stories to life in "Song of the South." His film won two Academy Awards, including the first Oscar ever awarded to an African American man, James Baskett.

Due to controvery surrounding the film, Disney has never released "Song of the South" on VHS or DVD in the United States, while selling the movie in numerous other countries. They also continue to exploit the film today, selling collectibles and merchandise while keeping the film locked away. We feel that the solution is not to bury the film as Disney has done since the 1980's, but rather to release it to the American public so we can learn from history and make our own decisions.

With the 2019 launch of Disney's new streaming service, Disney+, and the decision to add a disclaimer to older films that depict "outdated cultural references", we believe that now is the time to finally address this movie and make it available for generations of today to learn from.