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Petition For Killian's Backstory To Be Told Or ABC To Give Colin O'Donoghue His Own Show

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11th May 2017 ~ The signatures are still climbing, with the announcement of season seven now, this petition has perhaps changed focus, there's so much of Killian's story still to be told & I will fight to get to see it.
If Once season seven gets early cancellation, MAYBE if I get enough signatures, ABC might take notice of this, just to clarify, I'm not rooting for it to, I just see such limited scope in what we know of the current plan.
Maybe I'm wrong, who knows? maybe this will be a prequel of sorts, in which case, this is what I wanted.

Like many of you I was saddened to see that Jennifer Morrison has decided to depart my favourite show, Once Upon A Time.  I can't stand to see so many unhappy people & so, I'm taking a page out of Emma's book, I'm taking things in hand.

And, like many of you I now have mixed feelings on a seventh season with Emma absent, she's the protagonist, the hero, it began with Emma, maybe it should end with her too.

I have nothing but respect for the dedication, talent & general wonderfulness that is Jennifer Morrison & for what she brought to Emma Swan. I completely understand her decision & wish her well on all her future endeavours.

That said, like many of you, I love Killian Jones, what a great mix of a traditional pirate & Jack Sparrow Colin has created. He's my favourite character on the show & I can't bear the idea of never seeing Killian again so...

Why don't we ask Disney/ABC to give him his own show? the infamous Captain Hook before Storybrooke, I would totally watch that! There's loads we don't know about Killian. Angel left Buffy & had his own life & stories, I have absolute confidence Colin can do this for Killian, he is so much more then just Emma's boyfriend/fiancé/husband & Colin is awesome! I think he deserves it!

IF Colin is keen to do it, let's show our support, Killian is just too good of a character to be lost to the world forever, right?

C'mon Oncers! let's unite behind our Captain! 



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