Overhaul Disney's Jungle Cruise Ride

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Disney's Jungle Cruise ride features several racist caricatures of African peoples, including headhunters and a "Shrunken Head Dealer". For more information I suggest reading the Wikipedia summary of the ride, which goes into greater detail regarding the contents of the ride or listening to episode 243 of Minority Korner (the inspiration for this petition, so a big thanks to James Arthur and Nnekay FitzClarke), both of which are linked below:

This petition is meant to show the Walt Disney company that, although they have changed a few of their rides (namely Pirates of the Caribbean), they still have a lot of work to do in order to make their parks an inclusive, safe, and fun place for every person. In other words, this petition is meant to force the company to make changes to a ride which promotes racist and stereotypical ideas of what Africa and African people are like. As James mentions in the episode, for many children, this may be their first interaction with Africa and African cultures, it is so important that that interaction is well-rounded, well-informed, accurate, and positive. Unfortunately, this ride reduces African cultures, of which there are so many, to two harmful stereotypes. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be profiting off of these stereotypes or the degradation of a culture they seem to know nothing about. I hope that this all is making sense and that you will support this cause. I am a Disney fan, and I want to see Disney grow and change so that every child can have fun at Disney and when interacting with the Disney brand, everyone can feel represented and seen by the media they consume, and no one is made to feel as if they are an object to gawk at. Disneyland should be an inclusive place that all people can enjoy and feel comfortable at, and not as if their culture or ancestry is being exploited or mocked. It is simply unacceptable.