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Move Girl Meets World To Freeform (ABC Family)


Girl meets world is a spin off of the very popular and loved show boy meets world. However unlike boy meets world which was aired on ABC, girl meets world is aired on disney channel. Disney has restrictions on its network that ABC *now known as freeform* does not have. For example, no disney show to my knowledge has gone beyond four seasons. Boy meets world went 7 seasons. If we want girl meets world to run as long as it deserves, we need to get the show moved to freeform before the show inevitably gets canceled after its 4th season. Also, because disney is more catered to kids, girl meets world isn't allowed to explore the many more mature subjects that boy meets world was allowed to explore. Simply put, girl meets world will never reach its fullest potential while its on disney. Which is why I'm starting this petition to move it to freeform. If you agree, sign today! 

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