Make Tamatoa a Disney Princess!

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Tamatoa is the large crab from the Disney movie Moana. I believe he is great model for little girls, not just little girls but for everyone. Disney for years has been trying to push princess who don't just wait for a prince, but instead to go follow their dreams and to be independent. Tamatoa definitely doesn't need a man, he collects his shiny things himself. He makes it a point in his song to say that he can get his own food. Also there being a male Disney Princess will show how progressive Disney can be.

The official Disney Princess guide lines as of Oct 16, 2016 are as follows: 

"Care for others. Live healthily. Don't judge a book by its cover. Be honest. Be a friend you can trust. Believe in yourself. Right wrongs. Try your best. Be loyal. Never give up."

I believe that Tamatoa fits all of these.

1. Care for others

Some might say that Tamatoa only cares for himself, but he sings a song for Moana. When she asks him about himself. He could have talked for like 3 hours, but instead he sings a very catchy tune. Also when Maui very rudely interrupts his song, instead of stopping he makes sure Maui doesn't get left out and adds him into his song. Also he said he ate his grandma, the average life expectancy of a Coconut Crab (the animal Tamatoa is based on) is 60 years. Much like human who begin to reach our life expectancy they must be in much pain. So Tamatoa could have seen how much pain she was in and ate her to end her suffering.

2. Live Healthy 

A seafood diet is very healthy. Fish are filled with Omega 3. This might inspire younger child to eat more fish.

3. Don't judge a book by its cover

When Moana tries to trick Tamatoa by pretending to be shinny.. He first falls for it, but only when she is far away. This is because he might be near sited. But when he looks at her up close he realizes that she isn't shiny. Which means that the look didn't fool him after he studied her.

4. Be honest

Tamatoa is very honest. He doesn't lie about his flaws or his beliefs. He tells Moana that the listen to your heart stuff and be who you are on the inside stuff is crap. He talks about how he likes shiny stuff, and how he ate his grandma. Even though some people might not like that he doesn't lie about it. PEOPLE NEED TO BE ABLE TO TALK ABOUT THEIR FLAWS.

5. Be a friend you can trust

Tamatoa isn't friendly, but he could be.. but doesn't Disney need someone without good social skills. Also like I said before Tamatoa is very honest.

6. Believe in yourself 

Tamatoa loves himself and he loves treating himself be giving himself shiny stuff.

7. Right Wrongs

He stole Maui's hook and tried to destroy him. This is because Maui tore his leg off. Which is totally fair.

8. Try your best

He tries to get shiny for himself. Look at everything he got from doing his best. This will inspire others to do their best.

9. be loyal 

Tamatoa is loyal, he never leaves his cave. Which makes it easy to find him.

10. Never Getting up

A quitter doesn't get that much treasure. It might have been hard but he was able to get all of that shiny stuff.

As you see he (somewhat) fills all of the requirements. So make the Disney Princess line up more shiny with Tamatoa