Make Star Wars: The Grey Path a reality.

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Star Wars: The Grey Path is a project created by Pedro Esparza and Cristian Martín Matías which consists in a Star Wars live action television series .

We know, that this is nowadays very plausible since there are series with a great budget like Game of Thrones, Westworld, Star Strek Discovery, etc.... Which are a huge success today. And why should Star Wars be left out?

We don´t believe that this should be so, so we need your help to make it a reality. We need to make them see Lucasfilm and The Walt Disney Company that what we propose is worthwhile (Since we were not able to do it directly, we asked for your help).

Unlike other petitions initiated,this is supported by concrete and worked bases,an example of this is what you will find below.


Star Wars: The Grey Path [ Synopsis] 

Star Wars: The Grey Path tell the story of Kyle and Lycacea two padawans of the Luke Skywalker Jedi Academy who survived the Knights of Ren attack.

In his new life after this tragic event they will meet a misterious darkside user who is obsesed with Kyle and his death and a new paramilitar organization called "The Endurance".

Trying to find answers about the Kyle past they will join this organization an they will participate in a small civil war in the Mandalorian Space.


The Endurance:  Is a paramilitary  organization older than The Resistance which also fight The First Order. Is more extremist than the organization created by Leia Organa ( like the Partisans of Saw Guerrera and The Rebel Alliance). Their existence is unknow for The New Republic, The Resistance and The First Order. Before this conflict they were fight the crime across the galaxy ( although not in public because they did´nt want be eliminated by The Empire).

Their existence is unknow for The First Order because they haven´t attack openly ( not like The Resistance) because they believe that and open attack in his situation is a madness.

In this moment, they are trying to recruit a strong and one oposition against The First Order in secret. In adition to amass resources.

Their participation in the war who happens in the Mandalorian Space is simple. They contact with a organization called The Mandalorian Neopacifists who are the heirs of the New Mandalorians lead by the Duchess Satine Kryze in the Clone Wars.

They ask for help to The Endurance because they aren´t able to recover their territories in another way than the war ( unfortunately for they). The Endurance, accepts but with one condition, if they win the war, the Mandalorian Space will support to The Endurance with all type of resources ( specially with mandalorian warriors) in his fight against The First Order.

Situation in the Mandalorian Space: This part of the galaxy is ruled by a tiranic dictator know as Mandalore The Cruel and his organization called The Old Watch who are the heirs of The Death Watch but more extremist than they ( followers of ancient and cruel mandalorians traditions).

Has the First Order any involvement in this war?: Yes, much like in the real world the two superpowers in The Cold War and trough the Armest character ( who isn´t a Knight of Ren nor a Dark Jedi, but and experiment of The First Order in a trial phase).

How long this war stay?: 2 years.

What is this war called?: The Second Great Mandalorian Civil War. This name is because in the past, in the time of The Old Republic or earlier the mandalorians had a war like this one.

Timeline: As is already obvious and you have been able to assume, the series would happen as the same time as the sequel trilogy. In the Star Wars universe this would be between 34 ABY and 36 ABY.

Why the R rating?: Basically because the series would have more violence than the habitual in Star Wars. This is for two reasons: The acts of the Old Watch and the idea to give a new focus for the war in this franchise. In addition to go to an new audience, a adult audience.

How many seasons Star Wars: The Grey Path would have?: Minimum 2, maximun  6.

Number of episodes that the series would have for season: Between 10 and 20.

Length time of the episodes: 45 minutes - 1 hour.


Thank for reading this.

Your sincerely;