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Make Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark Into a Movie!

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For those who don't know, The Kingdom Keepers is a book series authored by New York Times Bestselling author, Ridley Pearson. The books themselves have as well been bestsellers. Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark, Disney At Dawn, Disney In Shadow, Power Play, Shell Game, Dark Passage, and The Insider.

The series follows a group of children, Finn Whitman, Charlene Turner, Terry Maybeck, Willa Angelo, Dell Philby, and friends, brought together by the Disney Imagineers themselves to fight a force of evil within the Disney Parks and Cruise ships known as the Overtakers. These children known as the Kingdom Keepers have to solve mind boggling riddles and battle some of the most powerful Disney villains ever created, all while learning the history and secrets of the Disney Parks!

While the series has a big fan base, getting Disney's attentions has been tough. Ridley Pearson (author) says he would love a Kingdom Keepers movie and to keep spreading the word and getting people to read the books. New or old, if you're a fan of the Kingdom Keeps and would like to see the series progress into a movie franchise please sign this petition. Keep spreading the word! Share to Facebook and/or Twitter! But be aware this is a petition for only the first book, baby steps. If you have not read the books please, read the first chapter to Disney After Dark (book one) here: and by all means if you enjoy it give the first book a shot! I got the book from my first trip to Disney back in 2012. My great aunt Pearl recommended it to me. I was never much of a reader under any circumstances but, on the flight back home I started reading it and finished it after two days! Technically it was early in the morning on the third day. Ever since then I have read every book and tried hard to find books I was actually interested in. I hope that for new readers you find it just as intriguing!

Signers, please share this to social media by tagging @Disney, @DisneyStudios, and @RidleyPearson. Use the hashtags #KingdomKeepers, #KingdomKeepersMovie, and #DisneyAfterDarkMovie. Everyone is appreciated for their support!

Disney, if you happen upon this all I can say to you is this. The series has a big fan base, was a New York Times Bestseller, it could be SO much bigger with a movie. You asked Ridley Pearson to write a suspense novel for you and it paid off, seven times actually. Don't you think it deserves the next step, the final treatment? However, as always, you're going to do what you want to do, and that is what makes you money. A movie based on children fighting your most popular villain within the Magic Kingdom, how can that not make you money? Who would not want to see that? I know I do and people who sign this petition do too. This petition is to show you that it's worth it. That people want to see this. What do you say?

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