Make Bob Uecker an Honorary Jungle Cruise Skipper

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2020 has been a hard year for everyone, with things that we once loved and looked forward to being canceled or amended into an almost unrecognizable form. Two things that have suffered greatly at the hands of our current global condition are two things that are much beloved to society at large. Disney Parks and Resorts and baseball. Due to an abbreviated baseball season resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the United States and world, we were deprived of valuable months listening to the sweet, soothly antidotes of Robert "Bob" Uecker, also known as Mr. Baseball, on our radios on warm summer evenings. 

We have also lost out on precious time at the Disney family of parks and resorts. While some parks have reopened with modified schedules, restrictions, and regulations, others remain closed. What this world needs to keep us going through the dark winter we are facing down is a trip on the Jungle Cruise with Mr. Baseball himself serving as our beloved Skipper to point out all his favorite plants, the Ruler of the Jungle, and, of course, the eighth wonder of the World, the Back Side of Water! 

What we ask-- nay, demand-- of the Walt Disney Company is to bring Bob Uecker down in his Popemobile of protective plastic shielding that he has been using during his brief baseball season, to give a Jungle Cruise tour to the masses via social media streaming platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Give the world what it craves. Bob Uecker, your friendly, neighborhood Jungle Cruise Skipper.