Make a Comic Book series based on Iden & Del set after Battle Of Jakku & Before Episode 7

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After the ending of Star Wars Battlefront II's main campaign story, and resurrection campaign as well, i was wondering, what is going on with Iden between After the Battle of Jakku & The Force Awakens, and when was the birth of Zay? This petition is for Marvel Comics to make a comic book series all about Iden Versio and Del Meeko that focuses on their story between after Battle of Jakku & The Force Awakens. I bet there could be Star Wars & Iden fans wondering what was happening after Battle Of Jakku & before Episode VII? If you want to know what happened, you can consider signing this petition. This could reveal the Birth of Zay, on what year she was born in and Iden giving birth to her, how Del went missing right before the Battlefront II main campaign ending, etc. And could also explore more of Shriv as well. And maybe could also use a great Writer for the story as well for fans to enjoy. If you want Iden's story to expand, consider signing. Especially if you are a Star Wars fan.