Make A Black Panther Movie


Make A Black Panther Movie

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We, the Marvel Studios film fans, declare a film franchise emergency! While Marvel Studios has masterfully conquered the tasks of creating a gun-toting raccoon, a walking-talking tree, and an alien invasion led by a Norse god, there is still a major milestone that has yet to be taken on by Hollywood and needs to be approached head-first in order to help revolutionize our current society.

By signing this petition, we've agreed that we feel Marvel Studios is the perfect candidate to break a seemingly never-ending cultural issue: racial prejudice. Due to statistics showing the less successful profits for movies with leading actors who are African-American, one might find it easy to jump to the conclusion that studios shy away from such movies in order to increase a film's statistical probability for success. Marvel Studios however is known for being able to turn what might seem like a gamble when compared to the numbers into a success that moviegoers have been unknowingly waiting for all along. Producing a Black Panther film would provide not only a wonderful addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also a plethora of black characters that would make excellent role models for diversity in Hollywood.

But the cultural benefits of the film are simply icing on the cake when it comes to a Black Panther movie. The character's rich African culture surrounding the comic book country of Wakanda would round out the international side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Often referred to as "Marvel's Batman", the guardian figure Black Panther serves as over his country, both as a vigilante in-costume and as the nation's unmasked political leader, is something that sets up plot situations and conflicts better than anyone could ever ask for in a story. 

When it comes to romance, Black Panther's iconic marriage with the X-Men member Storm might seem like a road block, however another of the character's comic book love interests Monica Lynne, a singer, would make the story all that much more captivating and still different from previous stories. With the fan support multiplying by the day, nothing would be a bigger loss than to miss out on the opportunity to satisfy the undying hunger moviegoers have for this potential film.

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